[Book review] Book #8 : A briefer history of time

Part of The 52 project.

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The 52 project is an attempt by me to read 52 books in a year.( i.e. in 52 weeks.) It started from last Diwali and would end by next Diwali.

Book review

A briefer history of time by Stephen Hawking ( with Leonard Mlodinow )
Note : 2nd author's name is not a spelling mistake. :P

Stephen Hawking is one of most popular physicists living today. His "A brief history of time" was bought by one in every 750 men, women and children today. "A briefer history of time" just simplifies the original best seller, adds some nice looking illustrations to it and makes it more digestible ( please do not take it literally. I won't responsible for your stomach cramps due to your misinterpretation of the sentence. :) ) for mere mortals like me and you.

How did I find it ? Well, you know my feeling is mixed. The book is all about modern physics ( Newton's laws are not really that modern, you know. Let me give you a teaser - String theory, space-time dimensions, Theory of relativity et al. Does it ring any bell ? or did it give you a migraine attack? )

OK, this book tries really hard to make things simple for non-physicists but the truth is that the concepts are so many and so complex for a novice that no matter how simple you make them, you need a little (yes not much but little) background & interest in physics to read this book.

One good part is there are no equations in this book. That has been left for his elder brother. So, it is just simple theory with lucid, non-technical words and nice looking illustrations.

I loved it ! But that may just be because physics was one of my favorite subjects in school and I still love her. ( @My maccy - No maccy baby, don't get me wrong. I love you too, sweet heart. :) )

So, final verdict : 3/5
If you love physics and want to finally understand all this noise about "high-fundu" NASA stuff a.k.a modern physics and astrophysics, this book is just perfect for you.

Else, there is always a good movie running in HBO/Star movies. 

Keep it simple, silly and keep rocking ! :)

Shop till you drop !