[Book review] Book #10 : I too had a love story... (Audio book)

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The 52 project is an attempt by me to read 52 books in a year.( i.e. in 52 weeks.) It started from last Diwali and would end by next Diwali.

Book review

I too had a love story... by Ravinder Singh

Well, I decided to try out an audio book this time and I found this one ( and one more by the same author) from flipkart.

I was initially a little skeptical about buying this book because of two reasons :

1. There haven't been many good audio books out there in the market. An audio book of My experiments with truth was the first for me and although it was pretty ok-types, I wasn't very impressed with it.

On top of it, this one was from an unheard of, publisher.

2. I didn't know for sure that the book was good or not. Although the reviews were overwhelmingly in favor of it. They were mostly from people whose reading experience was limited to either, Chetan Bhagat novels or Tinkle when they were kids. Not that I am a great reader or something OR that reading Chetan Bhagat is a joke ( that's a personal choice anyway & I liked his books too.). 

But I feel, one cannot rely on such reviews just because of the fact that the reviewer has not read enough range of books to give a good judgement.

But anyway, as you see, I decided to take the risk. And it paid off. I was not disappointed. I really like these novice Indian author books may be because of the lucidity of the language, or the general informal nature of writing, or maybe even because I connect more to it, it feels more near and real. I don't know but it feels good to pick them up once in a while.

Ok, enough crap. Let's get to the review :

What touched me more was that this book was a true story, written by Ravinder Singh after his girlfriend died in a car crash. He wanted to vent out his feelings and let the whole world know about it. And hence the book.

This background and the favorable reviews is what goaded me to try it out. The characters are the same as (I believe) in real life. Ravinder a.k.a Ravin plays the protagonist. He falls in love with a girl, Khushi whom he meets through an online marriage portal. Their love grows and they decide to get married. But a car crash just 5 days before their engagement lands the girl into ICU.

After a few days of fighting for her life, she loses the fight and dies. Ravin, heartbroken and unable to move on, decides to write this book.

A nice candid, heart-touching story.

The audiobook is not bad either. A Bangalore based theater actor, Shwetanshu Bora is the voice behind. Only minus point of this reading was that Khushi's part was also read by him. I felt it should have been read by a female voice. It would have created a greater impact.

Final verdict : 3.5/5

You'll kind of like it, if you like love stories or if you like these new Indian author books. Try it out, it costs even less than what you pay for a morning show movie.

Note : The end is very emotional, and it makes you get into deep thought. 

Shop till you drop !