[Book review] Book #9 : Train to Pakistan

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The 52 project is an attempt by me to read 52 books in a year.( i.e. in 52 weeks.) It started from last Diwali and would end by next Diwali.

Book review

Train to Pakistan by Khuswant Singh

It is 1947. The year when India and Pakistan had its "tryst with destiny". And so did 10 million or so people, when the largest ever migration in human history happened, albeit a tragic one.

This book is a story set in that era. The story is of a village named Mano Majra, very near to soon-to-be Pakistan, where Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims lived peacefully.

It had a railway station which was more of a transit stop for goods trains but was also the last station before the train passed on to would-be-Pakistan. Things take a sad turn when a train full of dead bodies arrives at the railway station.

Khuswant Singh, unlike his later novels, has not filled this one with erotic scenes and sex but has rather thankfully, relied on a better story. He writing is impressive and hooks you into the book.

This book is anyway considered a classic, with a movie already adapted from it. So, you can't really expect anything less from it. Overall, a good read with an interesting ending.

Final verdict : 3.5/5

It is definitely worth the money we pay. So, read it when you are in search of a good weekend read.

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