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About Life. series

Life. is a series of posts where I try to form the fundamental tenets, based on which I would like to live my life. 
We all evolve. And as we carry on with our lives, we all form our own perspective of things around us and about life in itself. We decide on few basic characteristics, that should define how we act, react and work. And thus define ourselves. This is my attempt at the same. Just that I am also being vocal about it.

I don't know if it is going to help you guys in anyway or not, but I will be very glad if it turns out to be of any help to even one of you. And that is my purpose of sharing it.

Planning and the rest.

This topic used to always intrigued me, confused me and made me feel helpless at times. I am not talking about Financial planning here but career and life planning.

You know the question that you get asked in many interviews, casual conversations and even by many elders.

The " Toh, Kya socha hai apni life ke baare me?" stuff by your parents and elders. The "So, What are your plans?" by friends and your age group people. And the "Where do you see yourself 20 years from now?" and et al. by interviewers.

Remember those awkward moments, of not looking into their eyes, trying to quickly search for a good answer and trying to sound mature ? :)

Now, I've also tried to find a decent answer to this for the last 10 years ( or more may be. ), but the answer and my life has changed so drastically in this time span that I realized I can never be 100% sure what I will be or even want to be 10 years from now. Because I don't know what subject/work will keep me interested 10-20 years from now. 

Imagine this, IT was not a cool thing in India 20 years back. I am sure many who are big shots in IT industry today, had planned for something else back then.

So the truth is, life brings to us so many such things totally unplanned that while you may be planning a career in IT, life has already decided a big break for you in a completely different, never-thought-of path, in say 6 months from now.


So doesn't planning for life defeat the purpose? Isn't it too far-fetched to plan something, for say 10 years, when you don't even know whether you'll be alive for so long in the first place? Let's shed all assumptions and think again from scratch.

Why do we ask this question? Well, to know where we are heading. To get a sense of direction. Right? Yes. So, if that is the point, do we need to be sure about what we want every time? I mean why can't life be a bit ambiguous? Why can't there be surprises? Why are we scared of just focusing on the present or immediate future at most, and leave the rest?

Based on the track record most of us have, when we look behind by say some 10-15 years, we know that it never ever works the way we plan it. And I don't buy the argument that it is NOT going to be the same in future too. Life will always be uncertain. And isn't that the fun part ? We don't know what's gonna come next. :)

As far as financial planning is concerned, yes, it is of utmost importance. And you must plan for a very long time, if possible, your entire life. I am talking of everything else here.

Let get back to the basics, again. What is the problem if we don't plan ? Well, we will not have a direction. Correct ? Yes. Ok, so planning is essential. So, what if I plan only for a year or two or max three. That should reasonably take care of things I am going to do in immediate future. That should take care of having a sense of direction. And it should also give me something to work on an immediate basis.

For the rest of the life, well isn't a simple wishlist enough? That I want to do all this and this and this. And I don't mean career wishlist here but more of a bucket list. Things that I would "like" to do before I die.

How about that? Doesn't it solve most problems and yet not sound too unrealistic?

Well, I leave that to you. For me, any planning (except financial) for more than 2-3 years is a waste of time. We should rather spend time focusing and improving our present.

Let me know your views. Until next time, keep living and keep rocking !

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